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Semmler GmbH is a family-run business. Franz Semmler founded the original company, a truck workshop, more than 50 years ago. Almost 40 years ago, the company’s founder invented the “Semmler Roller”, which is installed in dynamometers to test, measure and calibrate tachographs.

Today, more than 1500 truck workshops are equipped with this technology. Added to these are the 500 test centres that form a network throughout Europe. And not forgetting the company’s own TTC TachoControl Training Centre, where specialists are trained. Semmler is officially authorised by the Ministry of Transport to authorise workshops in Germany to carry out tachograph testing.

The headquarters of the company is in Göppingen, Württemberg, at the foot of the Swabian Alb. From here, we set the standard with precision. All Semmler products measure extremely accurately and are manufactured in Germany. The basis for our success is our in-house expertise in all aspects of the transport business – and the continual technological advancement of our smart TachoControl products.

More than 3000 workshops, truck manufacturers, authorities and experts trust us worldwide – because you can rely on Semmler. Put us to the test!

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Corona keeps the world in suspense.
Thanks to our loyal customer base, we have come through these two years in a stable manner.
We were able to expand and strengthen our market position.
We are proud that we were able to keep the jobs of all employees.

Semmler records its highest turnover since it was founded. The offices are modernised. Marvin Semmler becomes authorised signatory.

Following digitalisation, Semmler launches the first testing device for calibrating the Smart tachograph.
Semmler becomes a system partner of alltrucks.

Ralf Semmler is active in Berlin in the tachograph working group of the Federal Ministry of Transport. Marvin Semmler, the grandson of the company’s founder, joins the company. Three years later, the authorised signatory passes his master craftsman’s examination and becomes responsible for sales and distribution.

The network expands: Semmler sets up the 300th test centre, the truck workshop is located in Nuremberg.



We respect laws and regulations. Our products make it impossible to manipulate tachographs. Exact gauging and calibration is our strength. This is what we vouch for every day, during the manufacture of hundreds of trucks, buses and taxis throughout Europe. Semmler relies on the quality of traditional measuring methods. We are guided by countries that have exemplary operations such as the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Spain or Poland, etc.

Semmler is a family-run business now in the third generation. All our products are developed and manufactured in our homeland of Baden-Württemberg. For more than 50 years, our name has stood for the combination of technology and legal compliance. We drive the market.